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No matter how well you can kōrero Māori, you can be one in a million speakers of te reo Māori by 2040. The Māori Language Movement is an open invitation to all New Zealanders to treasure and celebrate something that is part of our identity - te reo Māori.

By signing up, you’re committing to learn and speak as much te reo as you can, alongside a million others.

Inspiring te reo Māori stories
The woman who fought to say 'kia ora'
Jeremy MacLeod 1080x767
A yearning for the reo: Jeremy MacLeod
Jeremy MacLeod, director of the te reo revitalisation strategy for Ngāti Kahungunu, won a Ngā Tohu Reo Māori award last year. It’s his job to make sure that, by 2027, Kahungunu reo will be “the preferred means of communication” for the majority of the iwi.
Hinewehi Mohi 1 e1599932549386
Hinewehi Mohi: Beyond Twickenham
E-Tangata (bilingual)
Most people take it for granted that we sing both the reo Māori and English versions of the national anthem. But before Hinewehi made the brave call to sing the Māori version at the 1999 Rugby World Cup in Twickenham, it was unheard of.
Te Reo Māori: A new era for the language
Justice Joe Williams on te reo Māori, and synthesising Aotearoa law
Stuff NZ
“I learned the reo out of joy for the world finally making sense. And I learned the law out of optimism that if it was the agent for the destruction of my koroua’s mana then it equally could be the agent for the reconstruction of the mana of his mokopuna and great mokopuna, and that is how I get here, really.”
How to Bring a Language to Life | Dr Ruakere Hond
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